Närområdesanalys med Local Market Map

Local insights

Get access to data and insights on consumers and competitors in your local market.

Your market

Define a geographical area of interest and receive information about population, visitors, purchasing power, and other demographic data.

Keeping an eye on the competition

Get information on local competitors’ market share, revenue, potential, etc.

Etableringsanalys med etableringsverktyg

The analysis tool for your local market

For every business owner aiming to gain an edge in the local market, Local Market Map is the ultimate tool for understanding the unique needs and opportunities within your specific geographical area.


Local Market Map is tailored to provide business owners with detailed data and insights about consumers and competitors in their local market. By defining a specific geographical area of interest, the tool delivers valuable information on:


Local population

Förstå demografin i ditt område, inklusive åldersfördelning, familjeförhållanden, boendesituation, arbetsplatser, etnicitet, och mycket mer. Genom att förstå ditt områdes demografi får du en tydlig bild över din potentiella målgrupp.

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Purchasing power and economic conditions

Analyze the area’s economic status to better tailor your products and services.

Competition analysis

Get a detailed overview of your local competitors and their market shares.

Movement data

Data on population movements in your catchment area from Telia Crowd Insights. Gain insight into how people move and where they come from, hour by hour.

Analysera ett område

Why choose Local Market Map?

Local Market Map stands out from other tools by providing a tailored analysis of local market conditions. This in-depth local understanding is crucial for:


Designing targeted marketing strategies

Focus on the right customer segments with customized campaigns and offers.

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Increasing competitiveness

Understand your position compared to competitors and leverage opportunities to stand out.

Making data-driven decisions

Base your strategic decisions on reliable and relevant information.

Perfect for multiple industries

Whether you are active in retail, the real estate sector, the tourism sector, or any other industry that requires local market understanding, Local Market Map offers the insights you need to succeed.

Målgruppsanalys Prospect Mapping

In three simple steps, you get the insights you need


Step 1

Select the local area you want to analyze. It could be, for example, a 10-minute walking distance from a certain point, or a 30-minute drive – you choose!


Step 2

Contact us to order the analysis. We will get back to you with a fixed price for the analysis work.


Step 3

We will return to you with a completed analysis report within seven working days. The report package consists of both presentation slides and reports in Excel regarding:

– Demographics in your local area

– Competition analysis of commercial units in your local area

– Movement data and any seasonal variations in your local area


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